Testimonies of what God has done in peoples lives. 

The Sweers Family

When God intervened in our lives Greg and Melody had four children ages 15, 5 and 3-year-old twins. Our marriage was broken to the point we had sat the children down to tell them we were getting divorced.

I had personally fell into a lifestyle of reckless partying with drugs, alcohol and nicotine, which was most of the reasons why we had marital problems. The more I tried to quit the worse my addictions became. I had reached a point where I could no longer pay for my habits so I begun to sell the drugs to supply my addictions. 

It was October 1999 and I had finally hit rock bottom. I found myself Screaming out to God and saying,” God if you are real, and I need your help with drugs, alcohol, nicotine and my marriage.A week later we went to church as a family. Over the next couple of months God had begun drawing us  and slowly changing my desires to be around the reckless lifestyle.

December 24th, 1999 was one of the greatest days of our lives, when my husband and I decided to get baptized in the lovely name of Jesus Christ. That day God’s Delivering power instantly took the desires I had for the drugs, alcohol, nicotine and he repaired the brokenness in our marriage.


We have lived for the Lord for 20 years and been blessed to have watched our children and grandchildren be baptized and filled with the Holy Ghost.Thanking the Lord for the joy we have found living for him and how good He has been to us!

I pray this testimony gives hope to someone who feels lost and no where to turn, Jesus Christ is the answer!

- Melody Sweers 

Howe Family

After years of God pulling on my heart calling me back to him..... I ran into an acquaintance from my former church in the aisle at Target. It was just before Easter and we stopped to greet each other which turned into me asking her which church she was attending at the time. It was very close to Easter and my heart was heavy with burden for my children.


Although I was raised Apostolic, when my children were toddlers I unfortunately veered away from God. My husband was raised Catholic, he attended church with me for years but never had a desire to search for the truth. 


That day in Target changed the life of myself and my entire family.  Rachelle Elias, offered to pray with me right there in target and extended an invitation to attend Easter Sunday at CAC! 


From the moment I stepped into the building at CAC the spirit was so thick and God started working on me right away. It’s been just about 15 months and my husband has been baptized in Jesus name and filled with the Holy Ghost and God has restored our almost broken marriage. Both my kids have been baptized and received the Holy Ghost. 


Although I was raised Apostolic, I have never been taught the way I am getting taught at CAC. My relationship with God is what I put into it and can be so much more than I could ever imagine.  I thank God for keeping me through the time I turned away and without the love and support from the ministry and saints at CAC I don’t know where my entire family would be.

- Tiffany Howe

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